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YouTube Not Paying Enough To UK Musicians


youtube1Representatives of the British Music Industry are claiming that YouTube are not paying UK artists enough for their content. The website, which is the most popular means of music distribution in the UK, has been accused of being financially unfair towards songwriters, composers, artists and publishers.

A report has been compiled that measures the per-stream rates on a number of platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. The report suggests that YouTube have fallen significantly behind some of the other platforms, particularly in the last year. The per-stream rates have in fact halved in value since 2015. Falling from $0.0020 to $0.0010.

YouTube are claiming that they do not value their content on a per-stream basis, and as the majority of their income is based on advertising, it would be unfair to compare them with streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube communications manager Thea O’Hear had this to say: “The way that we pay to all creators is the same, You get over half of the advertising revenues from the advertising against your video. That’s the way that we pay and we’re seeing that business grow hugely and dynamically.”

“Of course we’re totally committed to working with the music business so that more advertising dollars flow to artists.”

A number of British recording artists have voiced their opinion of the subject over the last few weeks.

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Songwriter Jack Garratt stated: “When you put your music into these places where it gains so much mass reach, you don’t get paid to do your job fairly.” While R&B artist Craig David said: “The industry will shift correctly at the right time. YouTube will line up with everything. I don’t know how fast that will be but it will inevitably have to.”

Youtube claim to have payed over £2.36 billion to the music industry so far.

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