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Woodstock Organizers Look To Sue Former Financial Backers


Word has it that the organizers of Woodstock 50 festival are suing their former financial partner Dentsu. They are claiming the company had no right to go to the press and announce the festival the 3-day festival had been canceled, plus they are accusing the company of withdrawing over $17 million from a festival bank account.

Woodstock 50’s promoter Michael Lang, claims Dentsu Inc. caused “enormous and irreparable harm” through its “outrageous and illegal misconduct.”

The lawsuit says that: “In a series of precipitous, underhanded and unauthorized actions, Dentsu purported to seize control of and oust W50 from the Festival’s production, and then immediately announced through press releases to the world on April 29 that it was unilaterally canceling the Festival,”

Woodstock 50 has also gone to task with their ex-business partner’s claiming that Dentsu  had contacted artists, “falsely telling them that they were released from their contracts with W50 and the Festival and that the performers should not perform at the Festival, though they have all been paid in full.”


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