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Will The Beatles Start Streaming On Christmas Eve?


Could this be an early a gift from Santa? A rumor via Billboard is circulating that finally, B SQthe Beatles catalog will begin to roll out on at least one of the major streaming services starting this Thursday, on Christmas Eve.

This would mean that one of the last mega bands to hold out from this technology has finally succumbed to the world of streaming.

You may recall that the Beatles catalog took until 1987 for the albums to hit CD and when the band finally released its catalogue to the iTunes store in 2010 the majority of the albums surged straight onto the Billboard 200 Albums chart.

Now that the band will finally be streamable on demand, the big question is, which service? Streaming giant Apple originally wanted an exclusive deal with the band for its new streaming service Apple Music, but that deal looks as though it has fallen through. When approached, none of the other services would confirm or deny a deal with the band’s catalogue.

The Beatles continue to be a huge presence with regards to album sales, and even before the vinyl resurgence was embraced by record companies, Abbey Road was regularly amongst the biggest sellers of vinyl every year.

If the rumor is true, the streaming industry will have finally gotten the number one selling albums artist of all time on their books. This will be good for fans, and good for business.

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