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Will Coronavirus Effect The 2020 Coachella Festival?


Daily we’re being told that the Coronavirus is growing and that all of us should be washing our hands, not touching our face and filling our pockets with bottles of hand sanitizer. Open your laptop or phone and there waiting for you will be another reminder that new cases of the disease are happening by the hour.

With no real time frame on how long this health scare will last you have to start thinking about all of the music festivals and events that are scheduled for 2020. With the ULTA  Music Festival being officially canceled it’s more than possible that other festivals will now react in the same manner. One of the biggest, Coachella, had a very formal press conference on Thursday, March 5thto address the situation.

Officials from Coachella Valley, that included Riverside County, Palm Springs and others, attempted to give an honest response to all of the ongoing concerns that the Coronavirus scare could eventually see Coachella 2020 canceled. The response as of now is that the organizers and officials from Coachella Valley have made the decision not to cancel the festival as of now, but made it clear that with the ongoing spread of the disease that that could very well change.

Festivals are seriously big business so the thought of canceling one the size of Coachella would cause a huge financial strain for the organizers and the sounding area businesses. Because of that, you can certainly understand the reasoning behind waiting till the last minute, but, people buying tickets to the festival come into consideration also. Hotels, airfares and of course the tickets to the event itself isn’t chump change, in some cases, the outlay runs into the thousands of dollars.

The Coachella festival starts officially on April 10th, and who knows how the spread of Coronavirus will impact the festival and life in general before then.

With that in mind, the next few weeks will be key to the Coachella festival and similar events over the next few months and perhaps the coming year. On a side note, airlines are now starting to offer free cancelations for flights due to the spread of Coronavirus, and as we all know, airlines are notorious for not giving anything away for free, this is another indication of how serious this disease is.

Take care out there people.


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