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Why Were These Made? 5 Of The Weirdest Guitars From The Internet


They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, and we’re pretty sure most musicians like to play havoc with that line. This piece will be the 1st in a series in which we’ll be celebrating some of the weird, wonderful and downright crazy guitars and other musical instruments that have come from these brilliant minds. Some will be cool, some will appeal to an incredibly niche audience and some are likely to just be incredibly practical, anyway we hope you enjoy.

And welcome to “Why Were These Made”!

1. Mahalo Lap Steel Guitar

The weirdest thing about the Mahalo is probably that it actually went into production rather than just being some guys bedroom/workshop creation. Oh and you’re supposed to play it on a keyboard stand…. That said I have no idea who this was made for although part of me wants to get my hands on for review. There are a few other crazier surfboard guitars out there mind. One will probably make another edition.

2. The Wangcaster

Overcopensating? Or mocking dick swinging shredders, I’m not sure. However, I’m sure there’s some Tuning Nut pun in here to be worked out somewhere, but I don’t quite have it. So let’s move on shall we.

3. The Teenar

This thing is disturbing. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. I also can’t see where the jack goes and that worries me more.

4. The Pikasso

Now, I kind of like the Pikasso, crazy as it is it’s proven to be functional as in the vid below. The brain that dreamed this up however, bonkers.

5. The Gibson Map Of America

By no means the most insane, and again despite being a Brit, part of me likes this, the weirdest thing is that it was actually produced by Gibson. I’m pretty sure it can’t be comfortable to play, but what the hell ” ‘murica WOOOOP”

Keep in mind this is going to be part of a regular series, with far more crazy instruments to come, so if there’s some you think should make the cut in one of the next lists let us know. 


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