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Why Were These Made? 5 of the Weirdest Bass Guitars You’ll Ever See


Welcome to the third edition of “Why Were These Made?”. During the first installment we looked at some of the wackiest guitars ever created, second we covered drums, so naturaly, we’re turning our attention to the bass guitar. Check out these weird and wonderful bass guitars we found on the internet. As always this is simply part one, so don’t be surprised if we’ve missed some weird bass guitars.

Conklin Custom Sidewinder

This bass has more strings and more frets than any bass guitar we’ve ever seen before. With 9 strings and 36 frets this thing is huge. Unless you possess the hands of a small giant you’re going to struggle to get your fingers around the neck, which makes playing the Conklin a challenge most should avoid!


The Sega Dreamcast Bass

Retro gaming fanatics will love this one! We don’t know who created it, but some genius has turned a Sega Dreamcast console and controller into the body of a sweet-looking bass guitar. Now you can really ‘play’ your games console!


Beatles Yellow Submarine Tribute Bass

Created by the Painted Player Guitar Co., this bizarre bass was designed as a tribute to The Beatles. Built using a Mexican Fender Precision body, the Yellow Submarine bass is as kooky as the song it’s named after.


USA Bass

You might remember the guitar with a body in the shape of the USA from our last edition of Why Were These Made? If so, then you’ll no doubt be pleased to learn that a bass guitar version is also available! What is more, the bass version comes with a customised head in the shape of an eagle. God damn I’m feeling patriotic right now!


The Rockin’ Chair Bass

By far the weirdest bass we’re including on this list, the Rockin’ Chair bass guitar is literally a chair and a bass guitar combined into one horrific creation. It looks absolutely ridiculous and fairly impractical. However, one must respect the effort the builders have gone to in order to create a guitar based on a pun.


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