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Who Is The Richest Musician?


Forbes have just released their new celebrity rich list for 2016. Lets take a took at the pop stars and musicians in the Top 100.

1: Taylor Swift

No surprises here, not just the highest paid music artist but the overall top earning celebrity of 2016. Taylor Swift ended the financial year with an estimated $170 million after smashing the Rolling Stones North American touring record. The pop singer grossed almost a quarter of a billion dollars touring her hugely successful ‘1989’ album. Swift also collected massive pay checks from sponsors Diet Coke, Apple and Keds.

onedirection12: One Direction

The popular boy band take the second spot on the list with a reported $110 million. The band are currently on hiatus to work on solo projects, however with these kind of numbers you can only imagine they will be back together soon enough. The departure of Zayn Malik in 2015 may have struck a huge blow to the band but it certainly hasn’t effected their bank balances.

9: Adele

2015 was a huge year for the British singer / songwriter who hits up number 9 with an estimated $80.5 million earnings. Her latest album ’25’ was released on 20 November 2015 and sold around 3.38 million copies in its first week. Adele is also reported to have earned millions per night with a string of arena shows.

12: Madonnamadonna1

No stranger to mega selling records and huge arena tours, Madonna managed to get to the top end of the
high earners list once again making $76.5 million over the last year. Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tour is alleged to have grossed around $170 million taking her career total to an estimated $560 million.

Best of the rest:

13: Rihanna – $75 million

15: Garth Brooks – $70 million

17: AC/DC – $67.5 million

18: Rolling Stones – $66.5 million

21: Calvin Harris – $63 million

22: P Diddy – $62 million

24: Bruce Springsteen – $60.5 million

25: Paul McCartney – $56.5 million

26: Justin Bieber – $56 million

26: Kenny Chesney – $56 million

30: U2 – $55 million

30: The Weeknd – $55 million

34: Beyonce Knowles – $54 million

36: Jay Z – $53.5 million

37: Luke Bryan – $53 million

44: Muse – $49 million

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