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What’s in Santa’s Sack? Great Music Gifts For Xmas


Struggling for what do get the musician in your life for Christmas? Here’s a couple of great ideas for a variety of budgets.

Vox amPlug Guitar Headphone Amp


Does your musician play too loud? In that case here’s a pretty affordable solution to get a good christmas present for guitarists and keep them quieter. For them it’s a cool gadget that they can mess about with and means they can play their electric gear to themselves whenever they want, to you it could be the thing that stops them shaking the house apart. Vox make these for both Guitar and Bass. They’re also pretty handy for anyone in say a flat or halls environment. You can buy them from Gear4Music.

Marshall London phone

Phone winner w-button

This phone is incredibly cool (we’ve got a full review of it here) not only does it output great sound it’s got multiple inputs for recording and a host of other musician friendly features.

Vox Wah 847


Wah Wah Peddles, what can we say, lots of guitarists are not going to buy these for themselves, but they are hours and hours of fun. The Vox is a safe bet and it’s on offer at gear4music at the moment. Peddles in general are a relatively inexpensive gift, but most musicians have quite specific tastes when it comes to their effects, whilst we’d say if they don’t have a wah wah any will be fun, other effects may just sit in a cupboard. (I’m going to assume I’m not the only person with a couple of effects peddles that he hates that are buried in a closet somewhere, I’m looking at you Dr.Tone Distortion Pedal).


Whilst these are more of a stocking filler than a main gift, we always need strings, but please if you are going to buy strings at least make sure you check what we use. Super heavy strings for a guy who plays slinkys are never going to see use, unless a string breaks and we’ve not got another spare and even then we’ll be switching them out as soon as we can.

Marshall fridge


This is pretty much only one for if the person you’re buying for really has everything, you’ve got a fair bit to spend and they’ve got somewhere for it to go like a practice room or man cave. They are absolutely amazingly cool though (no pun intended).

Vinyl frames


Vinyl’s are pretty, that’s well established, hell it’s one of the main reasons we buy them over the other options, sure some people prefer the warmness of sound etc. But, a huge part of it is that their size allows the artwork to look great and we want something we can enjoy owning. That’s what makes these things are awesome, they’ll look great in the lounge or the man cave depending on what options are available. Added to which they’re not to expensive although it does kind of require the person you’re buying for to own vinyl’s. Although if they don’t a favourite classic album of theirs inside one’s going to look cool either way. Buy them here.

Les Paul or Stratocaster

Buying a guitar is going to be a bit risky especially if you don’t know a great deal about the instruments. That said a Les Paul or a Strat are always safe buys assuming they don’t already have one. These guitars are so iconic and have such classic sounds they make great christmas presents for guitarists no matter what their preferences. We should make sure you know mind that the Epiphone and Squier versions aren’t as good but are a lot cheaper. Whilst the Epiphone ones are fine we can’t really recommend buying a Squier Strat. Amazons a pretty good place for a wide variety of these guitars as there aren’t to many great offers on at this time of year. Keep in mind they’ll vary from £450 to £1000’s.

Some Weird Sabian Effects Cymbals

Buying for drummers can be pretty hard, generally speaking we can be a picky bunch when it comes to how cymbals sound, what sticks we use and so on. That’s why the best way to play it safe is to go with some obscure effects cymbals (unless we’ve previously mentioned something specific). Some of the things Sabian have come out with recently have been a little odd. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not brilliant. I can speak for the Jojo Mayer Snare Hoop (right image), it’s great fun and gives you a lot of interesting options. Things like the chopper cymbals are a nice change of sound and don’t cost nearly as much. They give unique sounds and are sure to get plenty of play time. You can buy them here.

And If You Have Waaaay Too Much Money

Slash’s House Is For Sale


Granted $11m may be a little more than most of us can afford, but hey we can all dream right 🙂 


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