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What Buddy Guy Forgot to Ask Jimmy Page


Can you imagine—you stood next to a guitar playing legend and in the moment you forget that all important question that you’ve been meaning to ask when you meet.

Buddy Guy, himself a guitar icon, has only ever come face-to-face with the Led Zeppelin guitarist at the Kennedy Center Awards in Washington, DC in 2012. The problem is he had his opportunity to ask Jimmy his question and forgot and he still regrets it to this day.

In a recent interview Buddy told MusicRadar: “I own the largest blues club in Chicago and I’ve got everybody to sign a guitar, but him. Now I can’t track him down!”

Buddy recalls his first encounter with the UK’s blues musicians when playing on tour in 1965. “I toured with The Yardbirds and Rod Stewart was the valet,” he said.

“I didn’t know who Clapton, Beck, Jimmy Page, none of them was. They all were telling me they didn’t know a Strat could play the blues. I laughed and said, ‘What do you mean?’

“They were all looking at Gibson guitars. I went in there with a Strat and was playing in a kind of wild and crazy way, like throwing it up and catching it.” He continued, “I was amazed for them to tell me that they’d sat there and watched me and didn’t know the blues could be played like that on a Stratocaster.”

So, if for any reason Jimmy is reading this post, could you please help a fellow superstar guitar player and give Buddy a call.

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