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Welcome to Rock My World 2.0


It’s a whole new WORLD…

When you love something it can be hard to let it go, but as the late great Curtis Mayfield said, you gotta Move On Up..

We are truly proud to announce the new look RockMyWorld.com, your one-stop destination for news, reviews, opinions, interviews and comment on everything Rock. For the last few years, we have been reporting on the Rock scene and listening hard to our loyal viewers who have never been slow telling us what they want. Well, we took all the tough-love and wrapped it up in the new site – more of everything we have always done and plenty of new stuff too.

We have listened to what you guys want and tried to wrap it all in one easy-to-swallow package. We’ve got the news, we got opinions (lots of them), we’ve got back-stage interviews, we’ve got music – streaming live 24 hours a day, we’ve got gear reviews, we think we’ve got it all and we even made it fit in the tour bus.

Have a good look around, don’t forget to sign up for the good stuff – it’s all free – and remember, you made us what we are (damn you) and we love you for it. Keep telling us what you want, and we’ll make sure you get what you need.


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