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Weezer Back On Track With “L.A. Girlz”



One of our favorite bands here at Rock My World is alt-pop band Weezer. You can imagine our delight when we got the news that the band has debuted a brand new track, “L.A. Girlz”, from the upcoming self-titled

Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo

White Album. We’ve got to tell you, it sounds like a throwback to some of Weezer’s more classic tracks.

The band premiered the ode to Los Angeles women on Beats 1 Radio. In true Rivers Cuomo style, the singer poetically weaves in and out of his talk about love, “like Dante and Beatrice.” Then switching to a melancholy tone, he asks, “How is this going to end?” before repeating, “Does anybody love anybody as much as I love you baby?”

In true Weezer style, the track is chock-full of guitars and beautiful pop sensibility; and when it comes to Cuomo’s melody and voice, it’s right up there with some of the band’s strongest tracks.

Written by Cuomo and guitarist Brian Bell, the track shows that the band is back at it’s best.

The White Album will be released on April 1st. Till then, check out “L.A. Girlz” below:

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