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Weezer Premiered Black Album On Their Own Island In Fortnite


Weezer decided to kick off the release of their Black Album in the game Fortnite. A Weezer island has been created in Fortnite and it’s streaming the whole record in full.

The island, known as Weezer World, features a Jukebox that plays the new album, which includes recent single High As A Kite.

“And now it’s finally time to kick back relax on your very own island in the sun,” tweeted Weezer. “Stop by the one of a kind Weezer World amusement park in Season 8 of Fortnite. Find it in creative mode and listen to the sweet sounds of The Black Album while playing Fortnite Creative.”

Rivers Cuomo tweeted “There’s a song on the Black Album about Fortnite and Juuls.”

Geoff Keighley from The Games Awards tweeted gameplay footage of the island, which features a giant, flashing Weezer logo. If anyone knows where we can get one for our office, let us know.


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