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Weezer is Back


It’s been over a year now since rock pop band Weezer released any new music. Well scratch that, the über nerdy guys are back!weezer sq

Last week, the band played at a special iHeartRadio event and showcased the first new music fans have heard since last year’s comeback album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Courting controversy, the band teased fans last week by previewing the single’s cover; it features a gaggle of happy women, including a nun, taking mobile phone pictures of Pope Francis.

The new track titled “Thank God for Girls” stays true to the Weezer formula crunchy and punchy, as always. As if to drive it home to the fans, the band played it not once, but twice at the event.

Fast forward to today, and Weezer has now released an official studio version of “Thank God for Girls” plus, a wonderfully over the top video that follows one man’s quest to eat baked goods in the most unholy of ways possible.

In a quote from the official Weezer website, singer Rivers Cuomo said “I think this may be a big hit single. I hope I’m not overselling it but I think it’s great! (adventurous, brave, fun, compelling, rocking, and I just LOVE it.)”

We totally agree with him, but as a warning: If you dislike tongue in cheek humor, food fights, or gentlemen being fed cannoli by a woman in a booth beneath a picture of Jesus, you may want to stay clear of the video, but for the rest of us, this is Weezer, back and as good as ever.

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