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Watch the Trailer for Billy Corgan’s New Silent Film ‘Pillbox’


Smashing Pumpkins’ mastermind Billy Corgan has revealed the new trailer for his upcoming passion project and silent film, Pillbox. The enchanting film is an add-on feature meant to accompany his solo album Ogilala, which debuts October 13.

Journalist Kory Grow sums up the trailer’s idea best by saying, “A one-minute teaser for Pillbox shows black-and-white footage of a soldier getting married around World War I and going off to fight. Amid newsreel footage, the solder cries and runs in a gas mask, as his wife worries about him at home. Color footage seems to depict an alternate fantasy universe, as people in wild facepaint fight and a little person guides the soldier in a blindfold toward the end of a cliff. Throughout it all, Corgan’s voice is heard singing, ‘Life keeps running faster than your stars/And Cain isn’t able to build a superstar,’ accompanied only by piano.”

Linda Strawberry, an LA-based artist, director, and musician best known as Corgan’s longtime friend and collaborator, co-directed Pillbox, while the film was produced by Rick Rubin. It stars Amelya Hensley, Paul Seroka, Los Angela, Anna Steers, Kalpana Pot, Harry Holmes, Hardeep Manak, and Rai Quintley.

Corgan went on in an interview last month about is close working relationship with Rubin.

“Having written the songs for voice and guitar,” he said, “I put myself in Rick’s hands to take the music wherever he’d like. Normally I would have done more, and tinkered more on production, but rather Rick put the onus on me to deliver at a molecular level via live takes. The rest was simply a reaction.”

Tickets for the official screening will go on sale tomorrow (Friday), September 22 via Ogilala’s promotional website.

Watch the trailer for Pillbox below.

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