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Watch Marilyn Manson’s Crazy New Music Video


manson5Goth prince Marilyn Manson is set to release a new video today (November 8), that features a scene in which the singer beheads presidential candidate Donald Trump. The song entitled ‘Say10’ is taken from Mason’s upcoming tenth studio album also titled ‘Say10’.

Manson has been making shocking music videos for the best part of two decades however, ‘Say10’ may be the most politically charged statement the singer has ever produced, particularly as it comes out on the day of the US election.

So far, only a short preview of the video has been made available. The preview features clips of Manson holding a bloody knife, and a headless Trump-like body laying in a pool of blood.

In a recent interview Manson explained: “As an artist my duty is to ask the questions. The viewer must answer them,” “Either way tomorrow goes, the visuals are meant to create contemplation. Because it’s obviously bigger than just tomorrow. It’s about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.”

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“Right now we’re in such a state of confusion when it comes to religion, politics, sexuality, and how they all tie together, and it’s being turned into a circus and a sideshow – and that’s something that I’ve been described as a ringleader of,” “It seems like a time for me as an artist, and as an American artist, to make something that causes a new set of questions to arise that aren’t simply statements”

‘Say10’ (album) is due to be released on February 24 of next year. The record will feature both guitarist Tyler Bates and drummer Gil Sharone (who appeared on Manson’s 2015 record ‘The Pale Emperor’) as well as long term Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez. Manson has stated that the upcoming record is musically more akin to his earlier records ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and ‘Mechanical Animals’, and fans should expect an obvious change in sound from ‘The Pale Emperor’.

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