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Watch John 5’s Spooktactular Video for “Zoinks”


We’re suckers for cartoons here at Rock My World, especially old school. So you can imagine our delight when we came across this next gem. John 5 and his band The Creatures have released an animated video for their new single Zoinks!.

Ok, so the band teased us that the video was on the horizon last month, but now we’ve seen the real thing – and it’s fantastic. The video is a totally spooktacular affair and is a serious throwback to the classic cartoon ‘Scooby Doo and Groovie Goolies.’

Disney animator Brett Broggs wrote and directed the video. Broggs has an impressive resume, having worked on Frozen and Wreck-It Ralf.  The live footage was handled by Matt Zane, and when you add the voices of Nikki Sixx, Susan Olsen, and Fred Coury, you have a seriously good team.

You’ll find Zoinks! included on John 5 and the Creatures’ upcoming studio album Invasion, set to drop later on this year. As of now the actual date it’s released is still to be confirmed, but John 5 said: “My new album will be out this coming summer, and will feature a very secret, special guest that I will reveal in the coming weeks.” Adding: “Up first, on February 1st, we’ll release the next music video for the track Crank It. Then, on March 1, we’ll release the video sequel to Zoinks!, for the track entitled I Am John 5.” If you like the video to Zoinks! then you’re in luck, the Crank video will also be animated and directed by Brett Boggs.”

John 5 And The Creatures hit the road for a North American tour starting February 22nd.

Check out the video for Zoinks! below:


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