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Watch Cage the Elephant’s Live Performance of ‘Rubber Ball,’ New Album Out Friday


Kentucky blues rockers Cage the Elephant have debuted an intimate live performance of their acoustic song “Rubber Ball” in what serves as a promotional snippet for their soon-to-be released live concert album titled Unpeeled.

“Rubber Ball” appears on the band’s 2011 record Thank You, Happy Birthday, but will be featured on the much-anticipated upcoming fifth studio album with a new arrangement. The recent performance was taped at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennesse where the band members currently reside.

Frontman Matthew Shultz said in a statement, “It was always a dream of ours to perform at this hometown venue, and we felt something spiritual from the moment we stepped on stage. The song ‘Rubber Ball’ bassist Daniel Tichenor and I wrote in our first band house. It’s about excess in all aspects. It’s about trying to gain control and not being able to but having love in your heart.”

Unpeeled will also be the first collection of new songs to hear from the six-piece since their 2015 offering of Tell Me I’m Pretty (produced by the Black Keys frontman and guitarist Dan Auerbach.)

In an April (2017) interview, Shultz also revealed why he and his close-knit band mates prefer to continue the surprise of last-minute shows at small venues throughout the world.

“I think it’s longing to have a sense of community,” he said. “Because that is a very powerful tool for inspiration. We’ve always pulled a lot of inspiration from local artists, and people who are around us making great music. I think one of the reasons why guitar music in general is having some struggles is it’s become so encapsulated. Everyone’s fending for themselves, and in the past, it was much more of a communal experience. So we try to embrace that.”

Unpeeled lands this Friday, July 28, through RCA Records.

Watch the live performance of “Rubber Ball” below.

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Rubber Ball (Unpeeled) (Live Video) by Cage The Elephant on VEVO.



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