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Watch A 16 Year Old Billy Joe Armstrong Rock A Backyard Gig


If you ever needed proof that Billie Joe Armstrong has always had music running through his veins, check out the video below. A young Billie Joe smashes through a song with a punk band at the tender age of 16.

Taken from the 2018 documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk, Armstrong is playing at a backyard gig with the band Desecrated Youth circa 1987.

This is the latest piece of Green Day nostalgia follows the uploading of their unreleased track “Stay” which the band played at a gig in 1989 and has now surfaced online and  you can listen to below:

Talking about the band’s impact over the last quarter of a century, Armstrong said: “You have to have gratitude for the bad and the ugly too,” adding: “I hope people keep listening, cause we’ll keeping playing.”

Armstrong has also addressed the fact there has been no plans as of yet to celebrate the 25thanniversary of their debut album. As of now the trio just haven’t been able to come up with anything that is fitting the occasion. We’re pretty certain the band will do something for the fans, and hey, keep in mind, there are still 9 months of 2019 to go.

Check out the video of Billie Joe back in the day below:


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