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15,000 People Cover The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”


This song is heard at sports events throughout the world. You may not know this but The White Stripes’ anthem “Seven Nation Army” just got another lease of life.

Taking it out of the sports arenas, and giving the song a new identity, white sqRockin’1000, the self-proclaimed biggest band on earth, came together again with all of its current members and their friends to perform it in Cesena, Italy.

This huge collective of musicians has done this quite a few times before; the army of musicians regularly comes together to produce and perform covers of famous rock songs.

It was only recently that they belted out a tear the roof off performance with a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. And, in a move that shocked pretty much everyone, including themselves, Rockin’1000 persuaded the Foo Fighters to travel to Cesena to play a gig thanks to the huge social media reach via their cover of “Learn To Fly”.

There is no doubt how much Rockin’1000 loves the Foo Fighters because they also performed a cover of the band’s track “Saint Cecilia” last New Year’s Eve.

The message from the collective is what really brings this story home: the bringing of people together through the love and power of music.

See the videos yourself and witness how cool it is to see and hear people singing the same song in perfect harmony and truly having fun.

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