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Warped Tour Release Their Legacy Collection Merch


For those of you already lamenting your past visits to the Warped Tour, and especially those of you that decided not to buy the merch that was available that year, we’ve got good news. You can commemorate all of your favorite years of the Tour with their newly released merch store.

The Warped Tour has just officially launched their Legacy Collection, and for those of you that didn’t part with the cash when you visited that year’s festival, fear not, the new merch features t-shirts that represent every year and route the tour has followed since its first run back in 1995.

We have to say, they really have done a good job. The new shirts will have the tour cities on the back, and the front will feature the tour’s emblem or logo for each respective year.

After getting over the shock that this would be the festivals last go-round, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman announced that we’d all get one last chance, well, actually three, to experience the magic one last time.

Ending in its 25th year, this year’s Warped Tour will happen at three venues, Atlantic City, Cleveland, and Mountain View.

So, if you fancy relive those crazy festival weekends, or you just want some killer rock n roll merch? Check out what some of the t-shirts look like below. You can preorder your own shirt from the Legacy Collection here.


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