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Vinyl Sales are Up Again


Vinyl sales are up again by 15 percent during 2018, and the increase was made possible by some of rocks biggest names including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin.

Nielsen Music began tracking vinyl back in 1991 and even though the biggest-selling vinyl title was the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, and Prince were all placed in the Top 10.

In sheer numbers, the Beatles were by far the best-selling band on vinyl, they have three albums in the Top 15: – Abbey Road, the White Album and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

That’s a total of 321,000 sales, followed by Pink Floyd, Bowie, Panic! At the Disco and Fleetwood Mac.

Billboard showed that according to Neilsen’s figures, 16.8 million vinyl albums were sold during 2018. That is a total increase of 14.6 percent, the highest figure of the era and the 13th consecutive year of growth.

Vinyl represented 11.9 percent of all album sales, which totaled 141 million – a 6.5 percent increase in representation. Vinyl sales also totaled 19.1 percent of all physical album sales, up 14 percent.

If there is a downside to all of this, Vinyl’s percentage increase was caused in part by the continuing downturn in physical sales in general, which totaled 88 million, down 15.8 percent, while CDs totaled 70.7 million, down 20.9 percent. Digital album sales were also down, however, a 20.7 percent drop to 53.4 million.

 Check out the top 10 Selling Vinyl Albums of 2018 below: 

1. Soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1(84,000)
2. Michael Jackson, Thriller(84,000)
3. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours (77,000)
4. The Beatles, Abbey Road (76,000)
5. Prince and the Revolution, Purple Rain (71,000)
6. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (67,000)
7. Bob Marley and The Wailers, Legend: The Best Of … (61,000)
8. Queen, Greatest Hits (60,000)
9. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black (59,000)
10. Panic! at the Disco, Pray for the Wicked (59,000)

Best-Selling Artists on Vinyl of 2018:

1. The Beatles (321,000)
2. Pink Floyd (177,000)
3. David Bowie (150,000)
4. Pani! At the Disco (148,000)
5. Fleetwood Mac (139,000)
6. Led Zeppelin (138,000)
7. Michael Jackson (131,000)
8. Jimi Hendrix (119,000)
9. Metallica (116,000)
10. Queen (113,000)


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