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UK Store Vinyl Pimp Gives Away Vinyl


We’ve always loved the sound of music playing on vinyl. So when we found out that Vinyl Pimp, a UK record store based in Hackney, has been giving away thousands of free vinyl records over the next few weeks, we got just a little bit excited.

Stacks of free vinyl
Stacks of free vinyl

The Vinyl Factory just ran a story reporting that Vinyl Pimp scored a gigantic haul of dance records that span throughout the ages, and are are now trying to get rid of their “vinyl burgers” and clear their £1 bargain bins.

A massive 5000 records are up for grabs, whether due to their value, poor condition or just because they’ve got too many duplicates.

Here’s the Vinyl Pimp press release:

“Our £1 bins have now accumulated more than 5000 items, these are vinyl that didn’t quite make the grade to our shop because of their condition, value or simply we are sitting on too many copies! They are called #VinylBurgers and now you can have 10 for FREE on all Fridays this month (13th, 20th and 27th).”

For all you dance music and vinyl hounds, here’s a real chance to expand your collection.

As we’ve previously reported, this news comes at a time when vinyl is making a huge resurgence, with vinyl sales increasing by 52% and officially overtaking streaming revenues. Here’s a handy infographic that’ll help you get your head around vinyl’s comeback and why it’s so god damn wonderful. 

So, get yourself over to Vinyl Pimp’s store at 14 Felstead St, London E9 5LT, United Kingdom and get in line to grab ten free records for the next two Fridays this month, 20th and 27th, all you’ve got to do is like and share their Facebook post. Bring it on.


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