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U2 Has Over 50 New Songs Towards Its New Album


U2 fans rejoice. Guitar player The Edge says that the band has upwards of 50 songs written for its next album.

The band has been hard at work writing the follow-up to 2014’s Songs Of Innocence.

The Edge
The Edge

The Edge told Rolling Stone magazine: “Including a lot of my really rough demos – I’m not suggesting they’re finished, by any means – there’s actually 50 pieces of music that I’ve put time into. Some of them have not been arranged or performed by the band, but there’s 50 ideas, and probably about 20 that we’re actually really excited about. So we’ve got some ways to narrow it down, but we’re in good shape.”

Even though the boys have been hard at work at the new album, tentatively titled Songs Of Experience, the guitarist said that it’s some way off to being completed. “It’s really hard to say at this point when it will be done. We’re definitely still in the weeds here. We’re not booking the pressing plant, so to speak, just yet.”

Talking of the writing process, he added: “We had such a great time playing recently,” he says. “The way the show came together, we were really happy with it. Also, it seemed, for us, to suggest that there were ways to develop this particular tour using similar production. So we’re tossing some ideas around. I think if we go out again, there’ll definitely be some changes. It won’t be the same show.”

With fans biting at the bit for new material, this obviously comes as great news. During the interview, a very upbeat The Edge added: “So many new things came out of that tour. There were so many new moments, live moments, for us. It’s very hard for a band that’s toured as many years as we have to conjure up something that’s totally fresh and different and stand alongside moments from previous tours that are considered ‘classic live concerts.’ But I think this tour really, in many ways, kind of superseded and surpassed the U2 shows of the past. We’re really excited about that and curious to see if we can take it up another level.”

We can’t wait to hear the new material, but till then, here’s a flashback to U2 at the Glastonbury Festival in 2011.

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