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Twenty One Pilots To Release A ‘Ned’ Funko POP! Vinyl


Funko POP! Vinyl has released some kick-ass merch over the years and now, in a round-about way, twenty one pilots are being immortalized. Funko POP! will be releasing fans of the band’s favorite little dude, Ned.

For those of you not in the know, Ned was introduced in the twenty one pilots video for their track Chlorine, and ever since has been adopted as a firm fan-favorite. Fans have even created their own plush versions of the character, so popular is the little dude that this weekend a themed pop-up shop, called ‘Ned’s Bayou,’ will be arriving in the band’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

For those of you that attended the twenty one pilots’ store, you got the chance to see the Ned Funko POP! Vinyl prototype, as well as grab a number to text to “be the first to purchase” your very own Ned.

The Ned’s Bayou store also sold Ned hoodies, T-shirts, puns and dad hats. Interested in getting your very own Funko POP! Ned? Then check out the pic of the Ned Funko POP! Vinyl figure below, courtesy of @top__today:


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