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Top 7 Scariest Music Videos


Here at Rock My World we’re getting in the Halloween spirit. And we wanted to avoid the obvious tropes like Thriller (which whilst zombies are pretty on point with Halloween, really is in no way creepy or actually scary). These videos however are certainly a bit on the freaky side, so if you want to creep yourself out this is a good playlist to do it with.

  1. Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

Easily one of the most disturbing videos ever made, the visual counterpart to Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy is a as hectic and as the music itself. As the demon on the screen screams “I will eat your soul” a band of children, each with the same adult face (the face of Richard James, the man behind Aphex Twin) run amok through a city terrifying anyone they find.

It only gets worse when you reach the drop and the song switches to eerie child’s singing as the kids’ skip, hand in hand through the dilapidated city before the frantic beat begins again. The video ends with haunting image of a skeletally thin demon, with elongated fingers grinning manically and the demon on the screen laughing like deranged lunatic.


  1. Lindermann – Praise Abort

The twisted lyrics of this song are only made worse by the visual horror show of the accompanying music video, which features disfigured musicians, a grotesque Lindermann dressed all in white and later as a weirdly deformed, pig like human. The deformed pig man is later seen nursing piglets from its many teats. A sight that will put you off your dinner for a week.


  1. Squarepusher – Come on Selector

Set in what appears to be a mental asylum for kids, things instantly turn weird as the night-watchman unknowingly converses with a terrier wearing a lab coat, with fake hands made from blown up medical gloves extending weirdly from the sleeves.

It later emerges that the feet belong to a small girl, presumably a patient, who proceeds to capture the night guards and switch her dog’s brain with one of theirs.


  1. Metallica – Enter the Sandman

The video to this song depicts all the most common fears that meet us in our nightmares including downing, running from a nameless, shapeless pursuant, falling to your inevitable death and snakes crawling across your bed. It’ll give you the shivers and make you want to sleep with the light on.


  1. Mortiis – Doppelganger

The video starts with a cockroach crawling out of an open wound. A horrifying, gut clenching start to a generally terrifying video that features Mortiis covered in blood, with three apparently lifeless bodies hanging by their wrists behind him. Mortiis writhes in his chair, apparently furious or possessed, perhaps both. As the video continues the lifeless bodies begin to move and strange zombie characters appear. The video ends with Mortiis lying in the foetal position on the floor.


  1. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Frankly, seeing Trent Reznor in bondage gear is scary enough but this video doesn’t stop there. Also appearing in this video is a naked woman who appears to have no genitalia, a pig’s head, a beating heart and a monkey hung from a cross.


  1. The Birthday Massacre – Blue

This video has the feel of Alice in Wonderland gone wrong. Or rather, more wrong. A creepy mix of a death and child like innocence with stuffed bunnies littering the corridors of an eerie house that turns out to be inhabited by freaky living dolls!


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