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Top 5 Gimmicky Guitar Toys That Are Actually Useful


There are a lot of useless guitar gimmicks on the market. But we’re not going to talk about those here. Instead, we’ve selected 5 of our favourite guitar gimmicks to share with you. In our view, each and every one of these is either legitimately useful or fun to play with. If you know a great guitar gimmick that we’ve missed then please share the name and function of the device in the comments section below!

  1. The Hammer Jammer

To start with let’s check out the Hammer Jammer. This guitar gimmick attaches directly to your guitar. The Hammer Jammer sits above the strings and when you hit the little hammers it in turn hits the strings of the guitar. This results is an unusual timbre that you’ll be hard pressed to produce any other way. Basically, instead of plucking the strings, you play the guitar like a piano, hitting the hammers (keys) with your fingers, which then in turn hit the strings.

The Hammer Jammer attaches easily, without damaging the guitar or leaving a mark. It can also be quickly removed for when you want to play your guitar normally. Overall, we found the Hammer Jammer a fun gimmick that can produce an interesting sound.

  1. The Spider Capo

The Spider Capo is perhaps the most useful of all the guitar gimmicks we’ve included in this list. It allows you to choose which strings you press down rather than pressing down all of them like a normal capo. (Personally I love mine).

The Spider Capo is very easy to use. Simply attach the device using the screw mechanism and then select the strings you want to be held down. This allows you to make open tunings and alternate tunings without having to relearn the fret board.

  1. The Strum Buddy

There are plenty of small, portable guitar monitoring amps out there, but what makes the Strum Buddy unique is the way it sticks to your guitar using a suction cup. With this crafty gimmick there is no need for extra belts or buckles, simply stick the amp to your guitar and start playing!

The Strum Buddy comes with several settings: clean, reverb, delay, chorus, and overdrive. The only downside is that there is no volume control. However, it’s not too loud and you can play it pretty much anywhere and at any time.

Another downside is that it doesn’t have a headphone jack, which is a shame. But this thing is so small and light and so easily attached to your guitar that you can literally walk around playing electric guitar anywhere, you could even go hiking while playing…if you really wanted to.

  1. The EBow

The EBow uses magnets to vibrate the strings and creates an indefinite sustain. Simply hold the EBow to a chosen string and play; the note will ring out continuously while you hold the device in place. The EBow is easy to use and produces a nice sound that could be used in very creative ways.

  1. Wedgie Pick Holder

The Wedgie Pick Holder ensures you’ll never be without a pick again. This nifty piece of kit fits snuggly on the head of your guitar between the strings. The rubber pick holder fits two picks that are always easily accessible. For gigging musicians, the Pick Holder is a great way to store backup picks in case you drop one during a performance.

As an added bonus, when loaded with picks the Wedgie gives your guitar the appearance of wearing a bowtie, which is what every guitarist has always wanted!

Know of a great guitar gimmick? Share the name and purpose of the gimmick in the comments section below.



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