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Top 5 Bass Guitars For Beginners


Everybody has to start somewhere, and picking the best instrument is always the first / most important step to becoming a bass hero. Here’s our list of the best bass guitars on the market for beginners.


Ibanez GSR180

Price – £159

Another great bass for tonal versatility the Ibanez GSR180 features a mahogany body with double cutaways allowing for a great low end rock sound and a comfortable playing position. It also has a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard that compliments the low end qualities of the body by providing a nice mid range balance. The bass has two single pick-ups with separate volume controls that allow for a wide range of tones. Turn up the neck pick-up for a high end snappy tone or use the bridge pick-up for the fatter lower end tones.

This is a very resilient bass and will keep its tune well and is a must buy for bassists on a budget who don’t want to compromise on quality.

Ibanez Gio Series GSR180-BK

Yamaha TRBX174

Price – £180

One for both beginners and long time players the Yamaha TRBX174 is one of the more lightweight guitars and has an alder body with a fast playing maple neck. The weight balance is a really big selling point for this bass as it is super comfortable to play and perfect for bouncier more energetic types of music. The fingerboard also has a 10 inch radius which is perfect for playing more complex ‘lead’ parts and gives an added depth to your performing abilities.

One of the guitars more unique features is it has both a single coil bridge pick-up and split single coil middle pick-ups which give some extra tonal qualities than perhaps some of the other basses in this list. This bass is perfect for practising, durable enough for gigging and very sweet on the high end tones.



Price – £207

Firstly, this bass looks really quite cool and has a lovely brushed chrome finish on both the body and tuning pegs. It also has some fantastic curved edges that allow for a comfortable playing experience.

The ESP features a basswood body and rosewood fret board and maple neck. With only one split pick-up it doesn’t perhaps provide the greatest tonal diversity however, it does have a very solid natural punchy tone and is perfect for bassist’s looking to play heavy rock or metal.

Esp Ltd B-10 Kit Bk E-Bass

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass

Price – £196

One of the best value for money basses on the market. The Squier Jazz Bass (based on the classic Fender Jazz Bass) features a slender maple neck, 20 fret rosewood fretboard and two single coil pick-ups with complimentary tone controls.

This is a great all round bass guitar and is going to sound good through even a lower end cheaper amplifier. Its natural tonal qualities really benefit a finger style player and despite being called a ‘jazz’ bass the tone can be shaped pretty easily to fit with a wide variety of other musical stylings.

Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

Epiphone Toby Deluxe IV

Price – £209

This bass features an asymmetrical Tobius neck profile that has been purposefully designed for comfort, a solid radiata body and two single coil pick-ups at the neck and bridge. Its a bit less bulky than the other basses on this list but despite this is still pretty resilient.

There is a lot of tone control available as the guitar features four knobs for neck volume, pick-up blend, master EQ and active tonexpressor bass enhancement.

Epiphone EBD4TASBH1 Toby Deluxe-IV Electric Bass Guitar


Our Pick: You really can’t beat the ESP bass for value for money. Very smooth to play and looks fantastic.


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