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Tom Morello Throws Selfie Cell Phone Offstage


Damn those mobile phones. Tom Morello has received a mixed reaction from fans following a video that has surfaced of him throwing a fan’s phone into the crowd.

As people do these days, the fan was attempting to take a selfie with Morello, the problem was, that he had joined other fans with Morello onstage while he was performing and when Tom saw what he was doing his cell phone took a major a stage dive.

Morello has now responded to his actions as a few fans have disagreed with him throwing the phone. He reminded the upset fans that he gives everyone who joins him onstage, ‘a fair warning about cell phone usage in his face.’

 The phone incident happened at his Tinley Park show, Morello did what he does often, brought some fans onstage to close out his set. He also asked those same fans as the came onstage not to put a cell phone in his face so they could enjoy the moment.

You see where this is going right? One fan forgot the memo and attempted to take a selfie with Morello while he was in the middle of playing. So, Morello meets the fan’s phone, the phone goes for a nosedive…

While fan’s supported Morello’s decision to say bye, bye, to the phone, there were some who disagreed with the move. Morello has responded: “When you invite guests to YOUR stage and CLEARLY TELL THEM “if you stick a cell phone in my face I WILL THROW IT” and then their uncontrollable entitled selfie urges overcome their sense of reason they get their f*ckin phones thrown. Simple.”

Morello also explained that the person’s phone was also returned unharmed: “LOVE having fans onstage, do it every show! If u wanna film instead of rocking out, ur call. But I EXPLICITLY state, “If you stick a cell phone in my face I will throw it”, this likely constitutes ‘fair warning’. It’s not a petting zoo. Also dude got his phone right back unharmed”


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