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Tom Morello Talks Activism In Music


tommorello1Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has been speaking out about the importance of activism in music this week. The ever politically motivated rockstar also spoke about the ideologies behind new band Prophets of Rage.

Over the years, Morello has been one of the most politically outspoken members of the music community, from his time as Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist to his solo acoustic project The Nightwatchman, the 52 year old has always spoken openly about his ideas surrounding free speech and social justice.

He also set up his own non-profit political activist organisation ‘Axis of Justice’ with fellow musician Serj Tankian back in 2002, after witnessing racist imagery being displayed by the crowd at Ozzfest that year.

prophetsofrage1Morellos most recent project Prophets of Rage is a supergroup formed of his fellow RATM members Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford as well as members of hip hop groups Public Enemy and Cypress Hill.

Here’s what Morello had to say about Prophets of Rage in a recent interview:

“Chuck D, B-Real, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, DJ Lord and myself. Three radical groups forged into an alloy of hip-hop and hard rock firepower bent on having our say during these tumultuous times.”

Morello continued, “Our music and our politics do not change because of opinion polls, focus groups or lobbyist payoffs. The message is written in the mosh pit. Dangerous times demand dangerous songs.” with the band’s purpose being to “boost morale and lift the spirits of those fighting for a better world while playing a devastating, ass-kicking, ear-shattering rock ’n’ roll show.”

Perhaps the most pressing matter for the group is the ever growing popularity of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Morello recently filmed an introduction for Ryan Harvey’s ‘Old Man Trump’ video in which he gave a scathing analysis of the controversial republican.

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