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Tom Morello Has Emergency Hand Surgery


Now this is a tough guy. Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, hasn’t let a small thing like a fractured hand slow him, or the band he’s currently playing in, down.

Morello is currently on tour with the band Prophets of Rage, and just posted a picture on social media of the ‘very’ open wound in his hand as he under-went emergency surgery after he suffered a serious fracture.

Now, here’s the tough guy part. Tom also stated that he’d be back on stage in Sweden on Tuesday (Jun. 26th).

You only have to look at the photo he posted to see that Morello had more than a little procedure. His Instagram post below included the hashtags: “#WeCantBeStopped,” “#DjangoReinhardtLives,” “#TheShowMustGoOn” and “#TheBionicMan.”

In related Prophets of Rage news, the band has joined the widespread condemnation coming out of the music community, against the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, that saw children being taken from their parents on the U.S./Mexico border, and then being held in detention facilities.

Prophets of Rage sent out the following tweet on the matter: “Any system that tears kids from their parents’ arms and throws them in cages, and justifies it with the Bible, is a system that has no right to exist! This system must be overthrown – we need a REVOLUTION.”

The Prophets of Rage are set to complete their European tour in Spain on July 14th. The band heads home for their North American tour on July 22nd.

You can check out the bands full list of dates vis the Prophets of Rage website.


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