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Tom DeLonge Discusses ‘Box Car Racer’ 15 Years On


Former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge has opened up about his critically acclaimed side project Box Car Racer in a brand new interview. The three piece pop punk band (who also featured Blink drummer Travis Barker) released one studio album in 2002.

Looking back, it seems strange that both Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker would form a new side-project band, right at the peak of Blink 182’s most commercially successful period. In 2017, Box Car Racer appear as a small dot on the fruitful careers of two of pop punk’s most important musicians; however, at the time, the side-project cast a huge question mark over the future of Blink 182, and many fans were far from happy.

Box Car Racer released their first (and only) studio album in 2002. The record peaked at number twelve on the Billboard 200, and was supported by the popular singles ‘I Feel So’ and ‘There Is’. At the time of the album’s release, DeLonge claimed that he needed a new outlet for his songs that did not necessarily fit in with the Blink 182 aesthetic (something that was pretty evident in Box Car’s noticeably darker sound).

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The band would cause a huge rift between DeLonge and Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus; however, the pair eventually patched things up (for a few years at least) and released the immensely popular Blink 182 self-titled album in 2003.

In a new interview with Billboard, DeLonge reflected on Box Car Racer, explaining: “I think it’s dope. It’s a mainstream version of the post-hardcore and punk rock influences in my life, but it’s also very artistic. I think we did something with the recording of that record that’s never been done for the most part, where the variances and volume and sonic scope are just extreme. That was the first record I crafted. Not recorded, crafted —two totally different things.”

He added: “It’s funny because it’s kind of like it was the best and worst thing for [Blink-182]. It was the beginning of a lot of tension in the band but it was also the thing that led us to writing way better songs, so what do you do? Change is hard for fans, for band members, and I never want to change just for the sake of change. I’m pretty strategic about how I do everything and I’m never gonna vary from my definition of what I think is cool.”

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