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Thom Yorke Underscores Short Film for Rag & Bone


For all of you Radiohead fans out there desperate for more music from the band, we’ve got good news for you. The band’s main man, Thom Yorkehas written the soundtrack to a newly released short film produced by the fashion label Rag & Bone.

The film itself is a 10-minute affair called Time of Day, and is based around a series of fast vignettes. The film stars a number of actors that include Lakeith Stanfield, Kate Mara, Emma Roberts and Jon Hamm.

As far as Yorke’s soundtrack, it’s a very creepy affair, and as you can imagine, Thom’s score gives you a sense of unease at times.

This is not Yorke’s first time working with the folks over at Rag & Bone. He collaborated and composed a soundtrack to another short film from the company earlier this year.

If this short movie isn’t enough Thom Yorke for you, well, he’llbe releasing another score to a horror flick called Suspiria on October 26th, and will launch a U.S. solo tour in November. A very busy boy indeed.

Check out the short movie Time of Day below:

[x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed]


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