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The Time The Beatles Sang X-Rated Lyrics To Some Of Their Biggest Hits


In a new book about Who bassist John Entwistle, it is claimed that The Beatles sang rather naughty alternative lyrics to their hits when fans were screaming so loud at their gigs that no one could hear them.

The book claims that the Fab Four changed words to songs while screaming fans were blissfully unaware. What type of lyrics you may ask, well, how about these X-Rated beauties? “It’s Been A Hard Day’s C**k” and “I Wanna Hold Your C***”. Yes, you read that correctly.

These claims have emerged in a new book about Who bassist John Entwistle, whose band was on the same bill as The Beatles at a show in Blackpool in the UK in 1964.

It is claimed that Entwistle said that The Who was listening to the backstage speaker, which incidentally came directly from the microphones of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, had said how the screams from fans were “deafening”.

But here’s the crazy part: “It became apparent that The Beatles had figured that since the screaming couldn’t be stopped and no one out front in the audience could possibly hear a thing, then they might as well have some fun.

“Soon, the four of us were crying with laughter at words they were singing and which only we were able to pick up on, ‘It’s been a hard day’s c**k…’ ‘I wanna hold your c***…’”

This and tons of other great stories and memories are featured in The Ox: The Last of the Great Rock Stars by Paul Rees, and is published by Constable


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