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One of the hardest questions we have been asked here at Rock My World is, “who are the top ten drummers of all time? As we all know, music and drumming is subjective, and everyone has their own idea of who the best drummers are. That being said, we’ve polled our associates here at RMC and made our list. From early rock ‘n’ rollers, to metal powerhouses, here’s our top ten.

We’ll start off at the bottom and work our way up to the coveted number one spot. Let us know what you think?

Who is the greatest Rock drummer of all time?

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Ringo Starr (The Beatles)

drum2Not the flashiest of drummers, and even with a low-key profile, Ringo was an integral part of The Beatles. His inventive and offbeat drumming helped give The Beatles their unique sound. The general consensus is, “that without Ringo, The Beatles wouldn’t be The Beatles”.

Stewart Copeland (The Police)

drum3 As drummer for The Police, he brought power and momentum to Sting’s melodies. After The Police wrapped up touring in 1984, Copeland dabbled in experimental projects and composed soundtracks for movies including Airborne, Wall Street, Highlander II and The Quickening .

Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones)

drum4 Charlie’s unorthodox style almost sounds out of time (in a good way), but it isn’t. He places the notes as far on the edge of the beat as he can, producing a really lively feel. He’s the heart and soul of The Stones’ music and can hold down a groove with the best of ’em.

 Ginger Baker (Cream)

drum5Baker essentially invented the rock drum solo. His pioneering use of double bass drums marked him as one of the most influential drummers of the ‘60s. His thick, thunderous sound has inspired nearly every heavy metal drummer that ever picked up sticks.

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

Nick Masons drumming with Pink Floyddrum6 was inventive, interesting, and laid the foundations for albums like Wish You Were Here and Dark side Of The Moon. He played a huge part in creating the atmosphere, vibe and mood on those classic Floyd albums. Without doubt a classic rock drummer.

Lars Ulrich (Metallica)

drum7You get more than drums with drummer Lars Ulrich. As a founding member, songwriter and drummer for metal goliaths Metallica, his drumming style is simple, but always strong. Ulrich is one of the most popular and inspiring drummers of the past few of decades.

Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

drum8Not content with being one of rock’s hardest working drummers, Dave Grohl first took to the mic on “Marigold” off Nirvana’s, Heart-Shaped Box. He has gone on to front the Foo Fighters on seven studio albums as well as returning to the drums on Queens of the Stone Age’s albums. Luckily for us, Grohl doesn’t look like he’s stopping drumming any time soon.

Keith Moon (The Who)

drum9Moon’s insane drumming technique was part of the Who’s core. He smashed the skins with the kind of ferocity that most schooled drummers before him would have seen as crazy. Moons fire and brimstone approach brought to the Who, a bizarre blend of madness and power pop.

Neal Peart (Rush)

Adrum10s a drummer and lyricist for Rush, Peart is hailed in many circles as the quintessential rock drummer. No Rush concert is complete without Peart’s sparking, obligatory drum solo, and his syncopated drumming style certainly has its own distinct sound. Seen as the perfect three – piece drummer, Peart provides both the backbeat, and heart of this power trio.

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

drum1John “Bonzo” Bonham was famous for his, intensity and swift right foot, but above all, he was a “soul” drummer. He taught us all how to play heavy, powerful rock drums that ooze feel. For all of his dazzling soloing, killer beats and fills, in the end, John Bonham was simply a groover. He had an amazing ability to make a band sway and groove like no other. . He embodies raw, emotional, rock drumming that comes straight from the soul. Not wishing to influence anybody, but he’s a rock god and for us, undeniably the greatest drummer ever.

Q: As John Bonham’s son, how objective can you be, as far as judging his talent?

A: “I don’t think I’ve ever met a drummer who didn’t tell me that my dad was an influence. He’s a tough act to follow. But to give me the opportunity to play drums and make music, what a path he led for me. I’ll take it”.Jason Bonham:

“If John Bonham and Paul McCartney had a love child, it would be you”.Taylor Hawkins on Dave Grohl
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Our coordination is incredible
We can keep any tempo you want.
No matter what speed we go, we can make it good.
No matter how tired we are, we always finish the job.
We can follow the lead, or take it.
We LOVE to bang.
No objections to performing in front of an audience.
We know how to handle our sticks.
We know the best spots to hit.
By the time we’re done, you’ll be cheering for more.