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The Strange Tale of Metallica and Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera


Yesterday was a big day for ex-New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, he was officially confirmed yesterday as a member of the next induction personal to join the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.

During his career the relief pitcher would always enter home games to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” but the all-star pitcher said in a recent interview, he is actually not a fan of the group.

Rivera was interviewed on MLB Network, and Rivera was handed a video from the group. In the video, James Hetfield said: “We, Metallica, took a vote here, and it’s unanimous,” (he was, of course, referencing the fact that Rivera made history as the first player to be elected unanimously into the Hall, getting the nod from all 425 ballots cast). Adding: “Congratulations from the entire Metallica family, Mariano, on your induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich added: “It’s well-deserved, and we look forward to watching you enter the hall this summer.” Adding: “I have so much respect for those guys. I met them and they are great, great people,” he said. “Being there for me at the moment that I retired, it was amazing.”

Metallica even turned up at one of his last home games in 2013 up to play “Enter Sandman, they even handed Rivera a giant autographed speaker with his uniform number, 42, the band’s name and “Sandman” on the front.

Whether he likes the band or not, Rivera and Metallica are now indelibly linked, two heavyweights who are and were at the top of their game.


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