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The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Add New “Interactive Garage” Exhibit


Before you become a rock star you’ve got to start somewhere right? For some it was a basement, for others it was a garage, well, to celebrate the later, a new interactive exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is set to open next month.

In a story broke by Cleveland.com, it has been reported that an “Interactive Garage” exhibit will be opening on July 1st. The exhibit will enable visitors to the Hall of Fame to play instruments on their own, or with friends or strangers at the museum. Cool huh?

As well as rocking out, visitors can get real help with instruments from trained professionals on site. Greg Harris, the president and CEO of Rock Hall explained earlier this year that the museum would be working to create a more immersive, hands-on experience for visitors.

We have to say, this sounds really cool, the exhibit opens July 1st and will take up the entire second floor of the museum. You can bring your own instruments but know that the exhibit will include keyboards, mixing boards, guitars, drums, studio space and a lounge for playing acoustic instruments.


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