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The Roadburn Festival Announces New 2021 Dates


It was on March 23rd, that we found out that the 2020 version of the Roadburn festival was canceled, but we’ve good news, next year’s festival dates have now been revealed.

The head honcho’s at Roadburn posted on social media that the Tilburg weekender would now be taking place on April 15-18, next year (2021), and importantly, the tickets for this year’s festival remain valid. The post said: “You do not need to do anything at this time, just hold on to those tickets and show up next April. Tickets for the campsite and the night busses are also automatically transferred to April 2021 too.”

In other good news, it was also revealed that Roadburn is working on trying: “to preserve as much of the line-up as possible” and are “talking to bands over the coming weeks to re-confirm bookings, but things are looking positive on that front.”

This year’s festival was all set to kick off later this month in Tilburg, Netherlands, but the festival organizers a doing their best to make sure next year is bigger than ever. They wrote the following: “We request just a little bit more patience for more detailed information. We know uncertainty is stressful, so we are working diligently to get you accurate information as quickly as possible, however, Roadburn is part of a complex industry that is in turmoil at the moment,” continues the post from Roadburn.

 “We are part of a huge group of organisations, venues and others who are awaiting guidance from the Dutch government as to how to proceed. These circumstances are unprecedented in a legal, financial and logistical sense for the whole entertainment industry.”

Adding: “As we said previously, this has been a heartbreaking decision for us, taken in the middle of some of the most uncertain times that the live music industry has seen. What we have put in place here is designed to protect and preserve Roadburn as a festival and ensure our ability to function going forward. Whilst the rush to buy tickets on the day they go on sale has become a rite of passage for many, knowing that you’ve already got next year’s ticket in your pocket is hopefully a small silver lining!”


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