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The Record That Launched The Beatles Goes To Auction


This is surely a collector’s dream come true. About to hit the auction block next month is what is believed to be The Beatles’ very first ever pressing: the record that launched the Beatles!

This fantastic piece of history, in the shape of a 10-inch recording, features the tracks b sq“Till There Was You” and “Hello Little Girl”. Adding even more value, the recording is inscribed with the band’s original manager Paul Epstein’s handwriting. He credits the songs, which he mislabeled, as “Hullo Little Girl” to John Lennon & The Beatles and “Til There Was You” to Paul McCartney & the Beatles.

The tracks were recorded at the HMV store on London’s Oxford Street in 1962 where they were then sent on to the band’s eventual producer and mentor, George Martin, with the band dreaming of gaining a record contract. The recording has legendary status and has been described as the ‘holy grail’ of Beatles memorabilia.

Unbelievably, this piece of Beatles gold lay forgotten at the home of Les Maguire, Gerry & The Pacemakers’ keyboardist. Les Maguire acquired the recording from Epstein in 1963 after Martin returned it to him.

Maguire, who says it is “no good” to him, gave it to his granddaughter who is “hoping to buy a house after passing her accountancy exams.” He added: “I hope it goes for a good price.”

The 10-inch recording will go to auction at Omega Auctions in Warrington on March 22nd. The acetate is expected to bring in a whopping £10,000, although you never know what things will go for on auction; it will be presented live online in order to get worldwide bidding.

In related Beatles news, Sean Lennon confirmed his mother Yoko Ono is “fine” after being hospitalised last Friday.

Ono was admitted to a New York hospital on the advice of her doctor after suffering with “flu-like symptoms”.

It was reported that the 83-year-old Ono had suffered a stroke, but Lennon posted on Twitter to address the rumours.

“Hey guys it was only rumours from press: was NOT a stroke, just dehydration/tired. She is FINE. Thank you everyone for you concern.”

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