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The Most Expensive Turntables in the World


When it comes to listening to music there was a time when there was really only one game in town, that was vinyl and a turntable. Sure, there was the old 8-track, and then the cheaper alternative to vinyl, the cassette, but the listening device of choice for the longest time was the vinyl and turntable combo.

Fast forward a few decades and we saw the arrival of the CD which was eventually crushed in the market place by a number of digital mediums and live streaming. Hey look, they all still have some relevance, especially if you’re a collector or an audiophile, but you’d have to agree that for the true ‘brick and mortar’ feel, and the whole ‘touchy-feely thing,’ you can’t beat the old turntable and vinyl combo.

With record day fast approaching (Saturday, April 13th), music fanatics across the world are shouting from the rooftops “vinyl is back,” and they’re right. But, if you have a real penchant for vinyl, and more importantly, what you play your valued collection of music on, this can prove very very costly. The cost of vinyl has obviously increased significantly from when albums were originally introduced, especially if you buy rare records, but in order to buy the equipment (the turntable) to play these wonderful pieces of wax on, you should be prepared to get the checkbook out if you want a turntable of any real quality.

So, with that in mind, how about we introduce you to some of the most expensive turntables in the world. Oh, and you may want to break open those piggy banks whenever you’re ready.

Transrotor’s Artus – $150,000

This turntable may have a hefty price tag but this piece of kit is self-leveling due to its cardanic suspension feature. Both stability and balance are important when optimizing the play of turntables. In general, they perform at their best when it’s owner finds a level surface on which to set it. That worry is taken away with the Tranrotor’s Artus. It has a self-leveling device to ensure that no matter where you place the unit, gravity will not interfere with the sound.

Audio Consulting R-evolution Meteor – $176,000

Not your average DJ console, each Audio Consulting R-evolution Meteor is made of an entire tree, dried for at least 20 years. It is truly a piece of art designed to be played and displayed in the privacy of true audiophiles home. Just to create the players wood surface requires a solid two weeks of hand sanding and sculpting by an expert woodsman. When you add the innovation of a battery-powered turntable, this unit is a true masterpiece.

Transrotor’s Argos – $250,000

This is Transrotor’s second unit to make the list. This rather extravagant model weighs a massive 220kg, almost 500lbs, so when you set it down in your listening room, make sure you won’t be moving it anytime soon. If the following are important to you then the design, aesthetic appeal and overall presentation should make your head spin just as much as the price. Made from solid aluminum and beautifully chrome plated. It is for sure not the lightest turntable in the world, but at $250,000 it will certainly lighten your wallet.

Goldman Reference II – $300,000

Sure it’s expensive, but $300,000 would buy you one of only 25 turntables ever made of this limited edition machine. Each one of the 25 was handmade in Geneva, and also comes with a steel and aluminum stand. The stand also provides the height and stability to provide the proper positioning for the best possible sound. So, whether you purchased this piece for its aesthetic appeal, or because you are looking for the optimal sound, word has it that Goldman Reference II gives you both in abundance.

Av Design Haus’ Dereneville VPM 2010-1 – $650,000

The world’s most expensive turntable, AV Design Haus’ Dereneville VPM 2010-1 weighs over 80 kg, almost 200lbs. The AV Design Haus boasts a Corian chassis and rests on four feet that are supported and balanced through an air suspension system. This over the top audio dream is also equipped with touch screen remote control and even has Ethernet connection capability.

So there you have it, and if you’re one of the lucky ones have that kind of cash hanging around, or you just happened to have won the lottery, these are the kind of units you’ll want to purchase.

Let’s face it, if you’re willing to blow crazy amounts of cash on rare vinyl, then it’s very likely you’d be willing to make sure it only plays on the best decks money can buy. Well, maybe…


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