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The Flaming Lips And Mick Jones Share New Single “Giant Baby”


It was back in April of this year that The Flaming Lips released King’s Mouth: Music And Songs, their 15th album. It was a special Record Store Day exclusive and was limited to 4000 gold vinyl copies. If you missed out on getting a copy then you’re in luck, on July 19th, the album will get a regular release via physical formats and streaming services.

As a teaser, the band has uploaded a new track called “Giant Baby”. The track features The Clash guitarist Mick Jones, he provides narration on the song about, well, a giant baby. The band has even provided a lyric video for you to follow along with Jones’ narration.

“Giant Baby” is a pretty spacious, simple track. Instead of overdoing it, The Flaming Lips slow things down to let an acoustic guitar and electronic drum beats take you away. Apart from its brief, strange intro — it’s full of lively beeps, essentially sounding like a mellow conversation between prog band Mew and Wall-E — it’s a peaceful song that sounds like it could be off Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. There, in the midst of it all, is Jones narrating things.

Check out the track below.


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