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The Cure’s Set At Glastonbury Increase Guitar Sales


Who’d have thought it? The debate as to whether rock is dead has been ongoing for years, but check this out. Following the Cure’s set at the Glastonbury Festival, an Edinburgh guitar retailer has announced that after the band’s performance, guitar sales have gone up astronomically.

In a report by the online newspaper The National, the website guitarguitar claim that their guitar sales have jumped 16% following the headlining set by the Cure at Glastonbury. In line with that, their online sales also went up a healthy 20 % when it came to visitors aged 18 to 24.

Here’s where the coincidence theory is blown out of the water, the report also shows website searches in general for Schecter Guitars, which by the way, Cure members Robert Smithand Simon Gallup use, also increased by a huge 55 %.

Guitarguitar co-founder Graham Bell said of these increases: “The world is a very different place from what it was when the first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1970,” adding: “But 49 years later it’s amazing to see that people continue to be inspired by their musical heroes and it makes us proud that we’re able to give them everything they need to emulate their favorite musicians.”


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