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The Black Keys and Jack White Have Buried The Hatchet


It appears that the long-running feud between The Black Keys and Jack White is finally over. If you need proof, Third Man Records and The Raconteurs shared a clip of the new Black Keys track “Lo/Hi.”

Third Man Records posted Twitter and Instagram post stating: “More evidence that Nashville rock n roll is alive and well. Congrats on the new music, @theblackkeys!” The very same post was uploaded by The Raconteurs.

The infighting had been going on for years with White and The Black Keys trading punches on a regular basis, but January 2017 the feud between The Black Keys and White was “officially” put to rest when White’s ex-wife, singer/model Karen Elson, reacted to reports about Patrick Carney producing songs on her album Double Roses,

It was speculated that she used Carney as a producer because of her divorce with White. These rumors were squashed when she took to Twitter to say: “It’s your friendly fact checker, no drama or anything close to what you’re writing about. These people are friends end of story.”

With both The Black Keys and the booked for Woodstock 50, it looks like any potential backstage drama at the festival has been curtailed, and all that’s left is the music. Phew…..


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