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The Big Buzz About Coldplay’s Super Bowl Halftime Show


With the big event right around the corner, most of the major details for Coldplay’s Super Bowl halftime show are still being kept under wraps, but recently the director of the event, Hamish Hamilton, did drop some hints about what we may expect.

Hamilton–the man behind halftime shows for Katy Perry, Beyonce and Madonna–told the magazine Entertainment Weekly, “I think the buzzword will be involvement. They are a band that’s big on inclusion.”cold sq

Rumors are rife as to who will be involved, but heavy favorites are Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

This year’s halftime show has even more importance than normal as it’s the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary. Hamilton also pointed out that Coldplay will be honoring that fact. “The legacy of 50 Super Bowl halftimes will certainly be featured,” he said. “It may not be a literal thing, but you’re definitely going to get the sense of 50. [And] there are always guests. I don’t see why this show would be different.”

One huge challenge for the production team is that this year’s halftime show will be broadcast during daylight hours–which means the exclusion of videos and laser effects. The show’s lighting director, Bob Barnhart, seems to have that covered though; he has designed five completely different scenarios for the show, and depending on the weather that day will pick the most appropriate.

Coldplay starts rehearsals on February 3rd, and this year’s Super Bowl 50 will take place in Santa Clara, California on February 7th. Oh, and in case you’re not a football fan, the Carolina Panthers are playing the Denver Broncos.

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