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The 5 Worst Bands In Recent History


  1. Evanescence

The ultimate in depressed teen gibberish. Songs packed with empty, unfounded emotions that enough to sap the energy and enthusiasm out of Mary Poppins. Not only are the songs generic and predictable but they have inspired an entire generation of weak willed, gloomy white kids who are too spoilt to give a damn about anyone but themselves.Evanescence

  1. Limp Bizkit

They spell biscuit with a “z” and a “k”, need I really say more? Well, in case you wanted some more there was that embarrassment of a live “solo” by Fred Durst….


  1. Coldplay

Christ Martin is possibly the most obnoxious, sycophantic and generally annoying frontman to ever exist. Catering to a pack depressed teens, Martin sings nonsense over the, admittedly well-crafted music, while blathering on about charity and good causes during interview. Meanwhile, he and Gwenth live in a multimillion-pound mansion in the centre of London and lark about calling their kids stupid names like Apple and Pear. It’s rather had to take the music of Coldplay seriously when you know that the frontman and lyricist is such a complete pillock.

Forget about listening to the band vacuous, meaningless music and focus on feeling sorry for their unfortunate kids, who are going to spend their life looking around every time some asks for a piece of fruit!

And just to make matters worse, it’s hard not to see that this act could’ve been so much more every time a new album comes out….


  1. Good Charlotte

Probably the best band on the list of worst bands ever, Good Charlotte are at least kind funny and their tunes are certainly catchy. However, what they represent is the final nail in the coffin of legitimate punk music in the US. What was once an independent, hard-core, anti-authority, anti-capitalist scene has been reduced to nothing more than another music label cash cow. Bands like Good Charlotte are the epitome of the transformation of punk into another pop commodity. And unlike most real punks, they are also kinda sexist…


  1. The Jonas Brothers

Chastity rings, really, they wear chastity rings? Are you f**king kidding me? Way to capitalise on the rise of archaic approaches to sex and sexuality boys. And don’t think for a second that anyone’s buying that sh*t! Unfortunately, though, lots of teen girls are buying their records. So for the twisted attitudes they are imparting on the minds of innocent young people everywhere, these guys are on the list. I’ve not even listened to the music, maybe it’s great, but somehow I doubt it.


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