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Taron Egerton Finds His Inner Rockstar In Elton’s Stage Clothes


The new Elton John biopic is all set for release, and fans have been assured they’ll be getting an up close and personal look at the singers crazy lifestyle and that includes his over the top stage clothes.

Playing the Rocketman is Taron Egerton, and he explained in a recent interview with Billboard how wearing the items gave him a better understanding of Elton as a performer.

He said: “We set out to be creative within a movie that is a tribute to someone,” Egerton told the outlet in the interview. “It’s a biographical film, but it’s not a biopic.” Part of that tribute involved the lavish fashion, which the actor adored, particularly “the things that make you feel larger and stronger — the big heels, things with wings, a crown, a huge skirt.” “I think that’s partly why Elton wore them: He always said he didn’t feel that he was as pretty as some of his contemporaries — the Bowies, the Jaggers, the Marc Bolans.”

Egerton also talked about his own transformation that involved finding his own inner rock star to play Elton, and how much the clothes did to help the transition: “You feel very empowered and imposing. I wanted to portray not only his vulnerability but his strength, particularly his prowess as a stage performer,” adding: “As for the musicality of the persona, Egerton practiced the piano every day for three months ahead of shooting, but it seems the studio magic still played a big role in filming. “It’s tricky,” he reflected. “I can’t pretend that I do the playing in the film, but what that work did was get me familiar enough with the piano to be able to convincingly make it look like I’m playing, which is a challenge in itself.”

You can catch Rocketman in theaters as of May 31st.


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