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Tally-Ho: Prodigy’s Keith Flint To Become A Country Gent


For years, Keith Flint has been winding up rave crowds throughout the world with his band Prodigy’s hardcore approach to dance music. Now he’s winding up a completely different set of people. Recently, Tory Sport Minister Tracey Crouch declared that ‘fox-hunting is a pursuit from the past’ that should be ‘consigned to history.’ That may be so, but Keith has emerged as a most unlikely figure who wants to give the country pursuit a new lease of life.

Keith Flint . Prodigy
Keith Flint . Prodigy

Keith, who proclaimed himself the ‘twisted firestarter’ has reinvented himself as the quiet country gent. He has even been spotted riding out with his local hunt.

Flint has invested in several hunting horses, and we’re assuming the 46 year old must be quite a sight to the hunt regulars whilst riding with his reverse Mohawk hairstyle and out-there style of clothing.

Flint rode one of his horses, Captain Black, in a hunter trial race in October and finished in a very respectable sixth place.

All of this comes on the back of him becoming the proud owner and landlord of a beautiful 18th-century pub in Essex. The pub recently had a favorable review from TripAdvisor where it was described as ‘excellent’ and ‘underpriced’.

It’s a huge lifestyle change for Flint. When The Prodigy’s infamous “Firestarter” video debuted on Top Of The Pops in 1996, the Beeb had a flood of complaints from parents saying that Flint’s energetic performance was frightening their children.

One letter described him as ‘a man in need of urgent medical attention.’

Maybe Keith has decided it’s time to settle down a little and follow in the footsteps of fellow musicians like Eric Clapton or Roger Daltry. Bluesman Clapton bought Traditional English outfitter Cordings back in 2004, and The Who’s singer built the Lakedown Trout Fishery nearly 30 years ago to devote his spare time to nature and fishing. Either way, we can’t see Flint hanging up his rock ‘n’ roll boots anytime soon.

So, if you see a man with an out of the ordinary haircut and unusual hunting attire chasing after foxes in the English countryside, you know exactly who it is: Keith Flint, the twisted firestarter.

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