Les Paul Legends: Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is really the benchmark for Les Paul players. In his hayday, he had the look, the swagger, and wrote some of the most well known riffs and solos in rock.



Page used the Les Paul’s crunch and tone to create his signature riffs and sound on tracks like, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Black Dog”, and “Kashmir”.

Preferring to carve out his own sound, Page distanced himself from the smooth blues tones used by most guitarists at the time. Using the bridge pickup, he would crank the mid-range on his amplifier to the max, and with these two ingredients combined, Page would create his signature, thrashy, rock and roll tone, which became his, and Led Zeppelin’s, trademark.

With countless multi-platinum albums, and a million copycats behind him, Page is, and will always be, one of the Les Paul greats.

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