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Strat Superstars: Jeff Healey


From eight months old, Canadian blues-rock-jazz guitarist Jeff Healey was blind. Diagnosed with retinoblastoma, this guitar great had both of his eyes surgically removed, and was given artificial replacements.HEALEY SQ

For a person with sight playing like he did would have been amazing in itself, but the fact that he was blind, and taught himself to play guitar at the age of three, is truly astonishing.

Healey’s unorthodox style of playing his Fender Strat, flat on his lap, allowed his fretting-hand to produce incredible vibrato. You can really get a feel for Healey’s style on his Grammy-nominated album, See the Light.

He had a host of celebrity fans including, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, BB King, and many more.

Healey eventually died from cancer in March 2008, but his legacy as being one of the greatest players to ever hold a Strat goes on.

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