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Strat Superstars: Jeff Beck


Jeff Beck started life with 60s hard hitting, rhythm and blues band, The Yardbirds, a band who just happened to have another little known guitar player called, Jimmy Page. Beck also formed the Jeff Beck Band with new kid on the block, Rod Stewart. It’s quite the legacy, for a kid only in his 20s.BECK SQ

Back in those days, Beck generally favored Les Pauls and Telecasters, but by the mid-’70s, Beck had started to make the switch to the Stratocaster.

Following his switch, you can really hear his insane bending of strings and masterful use of the tremolo on the album, Wired. Also, his use of feedback and the ditching of plectrums in favour of fingers, made Beck’s sound and style stand out, and made him a true innovator.

Beck was usually seen with one of two models of Strat: the first, an early ’50s sunburst given to him by his friend the late, great, Steve Marriott, his second, was a 1960 yellow mustard version.

Beck has had Several Signature Strats produced for him, the most recent version features an alder body with a thin C-shaped maple neck in Olympic White and Surf Green finishes, as well as a Custom Thinskin Nitro edition.

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