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Strat Superstars: David Gilmour


Formed in 1965, Pink Floyd was the leading light in the 60’s psychedelic music scene.GILMOUR SQ

Even with all the trippy goings on during a Floyd album, one thing stands out: the instantly recognizable, smooth blues tone and solos of David Gilmour.

His association with Fender Strats over the years has been unquestionable. Using heavily customized Strats with aftermarket pickups and other swapped-out parts are his trademark.

Gilmour’s an innovator, and the kind of guitar player who made an impact both with his skills as a musician, and his care and attention to tone and sound.

Gilmour’s workhorse since 1969 is known simply as, “The Black Strat” and can be heard on numerous Pink Floyd albums.

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